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MIT 45 Liquid Gold Kratom Extract SHOT I 12CT

MIT 45 Liquid Gold Kratom Extract SHOT I 12CT

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Buy MIT 45 Liquid Gold Shot 12CT/Box- Wholesale Price

Discover the renowned MIT 45 Liquid Gold Extract Shot, the industry leader in kratom shots trusted by millions globally. With over 35 million bottles purchased, it remains the top-selling triple-purified liquid extract and the ultimate choice for consumers.

Expertly crafted with attention to detail, MIT 45 Liquid Gold Shot boasts a precise 250mg of Mitragyna Speciosa Extract, offering a potent and reliable dose that is hassle-free. Ditch the conventional methods of consuming kratom, which involve measuring and creating a mess. The Liquid Gold injection provides rapid-acting herbal advantages at your convenience.

With a commitment to farm-to-bottle sourcing and a meticulous Triple Purification process, MIT ensures that each Gold Liquid kratom shot contains the highest quality extract that embodies their years of expertise. The result is a harmoniously balanced and effective kratom experience that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Portable, potent, and perfect for maintaining your overall wellness, MIT 45 Liquid Gold Shot empowers you to embrace the gold standard of kratom enjoyment.

MIT45 Liquid Gold Kratom Extract SHOT I 12CT is a potent, full-spectrum extract made from top-quality kratom leaves. With a range of strains available, this shot-sized liquid form is perfect for on-the-go use and delivers fast-acting effects thanks to its concentrated alkaloids. Get your MIT 45 Kratom Extract today by visiting our smoking shops in Denver or Northglenn, or order online now!

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  • Potent, consistent & convenient
  • 250mg Mitragyna Speciosa extract
  • AKA & GMP certified
  • Full spectrum extraction for potency
  • Gold seal of approval- beats industry standards
  • High potency and safety
  • Farm to bottle sourcing
  • Third-party lab tested

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