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Modus Tap Out Blend 3000mg Disposables I 3ML (Pack of 5)

Modus Tap Out Blend 3000mg Disposables I 3ML (Pack of 5)

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Buy Modus Tap Out Blend Disposable 3000mg (Display box of 5)

The Medusa Modus Tap Out Blend 3000mg Disposables-3G (Pack of 5) provide a pleasing and tasty vaping experience. These disposable units have a built-in design that allows for up to 500 puffs and comes with 5 pre-filled tanks for convenience, removing the need for frequent refilling or charging. Featuring a leakproof design, adjustable airflow control, and impressive vapor production, this user-friendly device offers an unmatched flavor experience.

Modus Tap Out Blend 3000mg Disposables are here! With cannabis-derived terpenes and a combination of Delta-11 THC, THC-A, Delta-8 Liquid Diamonds, and CDT, these disposables offer a potent and euphoric experience. As with all of Modus' offerings, these disposables are designed to be innovative and easy to use, following the success of the Knockout and Uppercut blends.

Enhance your vaping experience with Modus Tap Out Blend 3000mg Disposables-3G, featuring cannabis-derived terpenes (CDT) for an invigorating aroma and enticing effects. Upgrade to the next generation and explore the world of CDT-infused devices.

Medusa - Tap Out Blend 3G Disposable

  • Delta 11 + THC-X + Delta 8 Liquid Diamonds + THCB
  • 3000MG
  • Display of 5

Available in -

  • Gator Brath ( Indica )
  • Jealousy Juice ( Hybrid )
  • Lemon Vuitton ( Sativa )
  • Pie Hoe ( Hybrid )
  • Snow Cap ( Indica )
  • Trap Star ( Indica )
  • Zlushie ( Sativa )

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