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PANA Health F.A.S.T 25mg CBD Isolate I 750MG

PANA Health F.A.S.T 25mg CBD Isolate I 750MG

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Experience fast and effective results with our 25mg CBD Isolate tablets designed to restore your body's balance. Boasting a fast delivery mechanism, these sublingual tablets have no detectable THC levels*, ensuring maximum bioavailability and allowing you to fully benefit from the natural antioxidants found in our hemp oil. Each container holds thirty pills for your convenience.

Pana F.A.S.T. CBD 25mg Tablets are fast-acting oral tablets that swiftly dissolve under the tongue, restoring bodily balance without THC. The tablets deliver 25mg of CBD and may offer quick relief from pain, headaches, or anxiety. Featuring a rapid delivery mechanism, they increase bioavailability, allowing for full body benefits from our hemp oil's natural antioxidants.

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  • PANA Health® F.A.S.T. Tablets are formulated to have high bioavailability so you get maximum benefits
  • Our F.A.S.T. tablets are made from our Pana Pure® isolate — our all-natural, organically grown hemp, formulated with no THC, so you’ll be happy — not high
  • 25 mg CBD gets into your system quickly to potentially provide fast relief from pain and/or anxiety
  • Dissolves in your mouth for a fast and effortless way to take CBD every day
  • Can help create a sense of calm and may help to boost to your overall health due to its naturally occurring antioxidants
  • Our rapidly dissolving oral tablets are a fantastic product for people who struggle with or dislike swallowing pills

How to Use

We recommend taking one F.A.S.T. tablet one to two times a day. Place the F.A.S.T. tablet under your tongue and allow it to dissolve completely and then swallow. Avoid eating or drinking for 15 minutes following consumption for best results.

Keep out of reach of children. This product is not intended for use by those under the age of 18. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not use if safety seal is damaged. Store at room temperature.

Please consult with your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any dietary supplement.

Our Dedication To You

At Panacea, we are very particular when it comes to testing and quality control. We source only premium strains of hemp to produce the purest hemp oil rich in cannabinoids to produce the finest quality products on the market today. We test extensively (in-house and 3rd-party testing) to ensure every product meets or exceeds the potency and purity criteria. Our high standards resonate throughout the entire chain of custody to deliver our customers a product that works!

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