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TUSK Kratom Extract Gummies 350MG - Display of 10

TUSK Kratom Extract Gummies 350MG - Display of 10

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TUSK Kratom Extract Gummies I 350MG - Box of 10

Our Mandarin Orange flavored kratom extract candies are a tempting addition to the Kratom market, and they come in a compact 10-piece blister pack. Each piece, which is meant to be of the greatest quality, includes 35MG of MIT, while each box contains a total of 350MG.

Kratom extract gummies are one of our most popular items over here at Tusk! We’ve developed a way to take our potent kratom extract blend and add it to a delicious, chewable cube to make consumption easy & enjoyable.

We currently offer our kratom extract gummies in a Mandarin Orange flavor – which packs a wonderfully bright burst of citrus flavor. You no longer need to worry about edible kratom products tasting horrible – as many other companies have not been able to get this part of the equation correct.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the most premium kratom extract gummies on the market at a price that is very affordable and a flavor that your taste buds will completely agree with!

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