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Hidden Hills 2G Heady Blend Cartridge 2ml

Hidden Hills 2G Heady Blend Cartridge 2ml

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Expertly formulated for daytime use, the Hidden Hills 2G Heady Blend Cartridge 2ml contains Sour Diesel terpenes to deliver potent effects that will ignite your senses. This Sativa strain is ideal for those who value a productive morning routine, as its energizing and uplifting qualities help to jumpstart your day. The combination of THC-A, Delta 9, and THC-B ensures a powerful yet balanced experience, while the fresh frozen Live Resin terpenes emit a distinct skunky, diesel-like aroma. With advanced ceramic coil technology, enjoy a consistent and flavorful vaping experience from start to finish with this super-sized 2g cartridge. Start your day off on the right foot with the invigorating Hidden Hills Heady Blend Super Sour cartridge.

Hidden Hills introduces their 2G Heady Blend Cartridge, equipped with 510 threading and a ceramic coil. This advanced cartridge incorporates a unique blend of newly discovered THC-A ULTRA, THC-B, and Delta 9 for a sophisticated and powerful vaping experience.

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Cannabinoids: THCA Ultra, Delta-9 THC and THC-B
Net Weight: 2ml
510 thread
Perfect for on-the-go use
The seal is tight to prevent leaks
Multifaceted Effects: With THC-A Ultra, THC-B, and Delta 9 in the mix
Heady Blend

Super Sour Diesel is a vigorous sativa with a pungent, earthy, and diesel aroma that provides a blend of peace, focus, joy, and creativity; while it is a wonderful choice for daytime use, its strong effects may be overwhelming for new users.

Jack and Jill- Experience the uplifting benefits of this Sativa strain with a gassy cannabis aroma that includes sweet gas, powerful kush, and fresh pine smells, resulting in a balanced profile with notes of pepper and citrus that induces a relaxed, sleepy, and joyful mood.

Durban Poison is a hybrid strain with a sweet, sour, earth, pine, and citrus fragrance that delivers energizing and focusing effects. Originally a pure sativa, Durban Poison is known for its uplifting and creative properties, as well as a sweet smell and a delightful sweet, earthy, pine flavor.

Strawberry Cough, an indica strain, envelops you in the undeniable fragrance of strawberry, pine, and pepper, providing effects that promote focus and energy; derived from a Haze cultivar and an unknown runt near a strawberry patch, this strain's unmistakable strawberry flavor transports you to the field where it originated, with subtle notes of pine, pepper, and spice underneath, making it an ideal choice for daytime use to boost productivity.

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