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Krave Kratom Extract Shot - BALI

Krave Kratom Extract Shot - BALI

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Buy Krave Kratom Extract Shot Bali

Experience the lush vegetation and authentic effects of Bali with our Krave Kratom Extract Shot - BALI. Made from the potent Kratom leaves of Indonesia, this extract shot offers a high concentration of alkaloids for a smooth and long-lasting experience. Known as one of the strongest strains on the market, Bali Kratom has dark crimson veins and a beautiful appearance. Take a shot of our Krave Kratom Extract - BALI and be transported to the stunning islands.

Krave Kratom, known for their superior products, offers their highly sought-after Bali Kratom Extract Shot. If you're tired of weak Kratom, this potent option is perfect for you. Take a sip and let the calming effects transport you to the serene islands of Bali, bringing relaxation to both your mind and body.

Shop Krave Botanicals Bali Kratom Extract Shot

Sourced from the highest quality Bali leaves, Kratom Extract Shots by Krave are a convenient and potent way to experience the profound relaxation, mental clarity, and pain relief associated with this popular strain. Perfect as a nightcap or for some much-needed downtime, these shots are a hassle-free alternative to capsules or powder. Trust in Krave Botanicals for a premium Bali Kratom Extract Shot experience.

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Some of the benefits of Krave Kratom Extract Shot Bali:

  • One of the most premium Kratom strains in the market today
  • A dark red vein strain that creates effects that soothe and calm the mind
  • High-quality Kratom extract you can enjoy taking on your day off
  • Made with Bali kratom leaves harvested at the perfect time and dried to perfection

See what high-quality Kratom feels like with our Krave Kratom Extract Shot Bali. Order yours today in single shots or in bulk to receive better discounts!

Serving size: 3.3ml Servings per container: 3 Per Serving: Mitragyna Speciosa Extract**  2-3 grams (plain leaf).

Ingredients: Purified water, Vegetable Glycerin, Mitragyna Speciosa** Alkaloids, Natural Flavors, Natural Preservatives, and Citric Acid. May contain trace amounts of food grade alcohol from extraction. 

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