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PANA Sport 400mg CBD Kinesiology Tape

PANA Sport 400mg CBD Kinesiology Tape

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Buy Bulk PANA Sport 400mg CBD Kinesiology Tape

This 8-foot roll of specialist tape contains 400 milligrams of CBD and is intended to relieve pressure and inflammation, which can prevent lymphatic fluid from transferring healthy blood flow to the tissue surrounding the affected location. Using the K Tape application, we can provide continuous CBD administration and support to a damaged or mending muscle, joint, tendon, or ligament group without limiting motion. The application of K Tape in this manner also prevents the analgesic from being rubbed or wiped off the skin, resulting in long-lasting comfort. Research has indicated that it is useful for post-surgical rehabilitation, knee issues, and alleviation from lower back pain, particularly among pregnant women.

SIZE: 2" Inch X 8' FT Roll


  • Provides support without restricting motion
  • Made with non-detectable levels of THC
  • May prevent over-extension or extended stress
  • Made with organic hemp, grown and manufactured in Colorado, USA
  • Long-lasting delivery of CBD

How to Use

Clean area thoroughly and allow to dry before application. Cut tape to desired size. Remove clear lining and press firmly onto skin. Leave for at least two hours to allow the CBD to absorb. Remove after 12 hours or when no longer necessary.

Our Dedication To You

Panacea is highly rigorous about testing and quality control. We only use premium hemp strains to manufacture the purest hemp oil rich in cannabinoids, resulting in the highest quality goods on the market. We conduct comprehensive testing (in-house and third-party) to verify that each product meets or exceeds the potency and purity requirements. Our strict standards are reflected throughout the whole chain of custody, ensuring that our customers receive a working product.

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