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Relif Botanicals Kratom Shot I 110MG/12CT/BOX

Relif Botanicals Kratom Shot I 110MG/12CT/BOX

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Relif Botanicals' Kratom Shots I 110MG - 12CT

Relif Botanicals' Kratom Shot is an all-natural liquid kratom extract that contains 110mg of alkaloid per bottle. The semi-concentrated kratom extract is ideal for experiencing kratom's fast-acting effects, which provide an invigorating, euphoric feeling that lasts for hours. With its high alkaloid concentration, this Kratom Shot is an effective and simple method to reap the advantages of kratom in liquid form. The Relif Botanicals Kratom Shot provides a pure, clean boost of energy.

  • 2 - 5 ml servings per container
  • 55 mg per serving total 110MG of Mitragyna Speciosa
  • Suggested Use: Take 5 ml at a time. Do not exceed one serving in 24 hours.

Available Flavors:

Lemon Drop:

Relif's kratom injections will improve your overall well-being and focus. Each container contains two accurately measured servings of quality kratom extract. But this isn't your average liquid kratom shot. Its energizing, vibrant citrus aromas will excite you as you sip. If you're wondering where you can get kratom, look no further. Get a bottle today and enjoy a genuine sensation of serenity.

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Cinnamon Twist:

Experience the power of liquid kratom in an innovative and delicious way with our kratom extract shots in Cinnamon Twist flavor. We’ve ensured consistent dosage so you can experience bursts of energy and rejuvenation with these convenient kratom shots. All while enjoying this flavor’s comforting essence of sweetness and spice. When it comes to finding out where to buy kratom, your search ends here. Try our Liquid Kratom Extract Shots today and embrace a natural path to vitality.

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