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MIT45 Boost - Kratom Extract Plus Caffeine I 30ml (Box of 12)

MIT45 Boost - Kratom Extract Plus Caffeine I 30ml (Box of 12)

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MIT45 Boost - Kratom Extract Plus Caffeine I 30ml - Display Box of 12

MIT45 Boost is here for you when you need a little additional help at the gym, getting ready in the morning, or getting through a difficult afternoon at work. There is no cleanup after dropping powder all over the place while on the run. Try the fast cure that keeps customers returning time and again.

MIT45 collaborates with world-class kratom suppliers to create highly potent and fast-acting liquid kratom extracts using cutting-edge extraction processes. Their Gold Liquid started it all and immediately became their best-selling product, with worldwide distribution.

The Kratom market has become saturated with a wide variety of products, many poorly produced. With an eye on producing the best quality, MIT45 harvests the very best botanicals grown in absolutely ideal conditions. They also use extraction methods to isolate the most potent compounds, delivering the unparalleled quality and consistency that has helped them achieve a high brand loyalty seen every day at Apotheca.

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  • Potent, consistent & convenient
  • 152mg Mitragyna Speciosa extract
  • Potent, consistent & convenient
  • Full spectrum extraction for potency
  • 45% Mitragynine extract in each bottle
  • AKA & GMP certified
  • Full spectrum extraction for potency
  • Gold seal of approval- beats industry standards
  • High potency and safety
  • Farm to bottle sourcing
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Balanced with white pepper, turmeric and ginger

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