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AGFN CBN GMY CBN INDICA Gummies I 1500MG/30ct/Jar

AGFN CBN GMY CBN INDICA Gummies I 1500MG/30ct/Jar

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Shop AGFN CBN GMY CBN INDICA Gummies 1500MG/30ct/Jar (50mg per gummy)

Looking for the perfect way to enjoy CBN - Indica Gummies while treating your taste buds? Check out our vast selection of CBN GUMMIES - 30CT - 1500mg (50mg ea.) that comes in a variety of delicious flavors. Our Indica CBN Gummies are specifically designed to promote a more restful and relaxed state of mind, making them the perfect companion for unwinding after a long day or simply enjoying a peaceful moment to yourself. Made using the finest quality hemp-derived CBN, our gummies offer an easy and convenient way to incorporate CBN into your daily routine. 

Our CBD GUMMIES - 30CT - 1500mg (50mg ea.) are expertly crafted to provide you with the ultimate relaxation experience. Each gummy contains a generous 50mg dose of high-quality CBN derived from premium hemp plants, ensuring optimal relief and tranquility in every bite. Don't miss out on this perfect wellness treat! Browse our selection now and discover the best flavors for your personal taste.

Smokegem Wholesale is a top online wholesale provider of AGFN CBN GMY CBN INDICA Gummies 1500MG in the United States of America, Florida. Purchase AGFN CBN GMY CBN INDICA Gummies 1500MG from an online store. If you're seeking for AGFN CBN GMY CBN INDICA Gummies 1500MG online wholesale distributor near me, look no further. If so, don't be concerned. Smoke Gem is a leading online supplier shop where you can get bulk AGFN CBN GMY CBN INDICA Gummies 1500MG.


  • 30 Gummy's per Jar -  Total 1500mg CBN (50mg per gummy.) 
  • Calories  - 12 per serving 
  • Suggested Serving  - 1 gummy 
  • TERPENES ADDED FOR EACH Sativa, Indica and Hybrid LABELED product.


  • Watermelon Suga - INDICA
  • Strawberry Nectar - INDICA
  • Sour Mango - INDICA
  • Raspberry Tart - INDICA
  • Pineapple Mayhem - INDICA
  • Orange Julius - INDICA
  • Lime Sorbet - INDICA
  • Grape God - INDICA
  • Glueberry - INDICA
  • Cherry On Top - INDICA
  • Champs - INDICA
  • Candy Apple - INDICA

*These gummies are prone to melting.

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