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Torch THC-A Live Resin Disposable 5G (Pack of 5)

Torch THC-A Live Resin Disposable 5G (Pack of 5)

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Introducing Torch THC-A Live Resin Disposable: a cutting-edge, disposable option for dedicated enthusiasts seeking an unmatched experience. Each pack contains 5 grams of pure, potent resin, providing unparalleled quality and satisfaction. Equipped with a preheat function, digital battery display, and convenient USB-C charging, this device ensures you're always prepared for your next vape session. Don't wait – grab your pack now and elevate your hemp experience with Torch Live Resin Disposable.

Experience the elevated cannabis experience offered by Torch Live Rosin THC-A Disposable. Enjoy a refined balance of live rosin essence from a variety of ten strains including indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties, handpicked to meet your needs. Each disposable undergoes rigorous third-party lab testing, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards for a pure and potent satisfaction. With exceptional flavor and a rich terpene profile, Torch is the perfect choice for a premium and enhanced vaping experience.

Shop Torch THC-A Live Resin Disposable 5G at Wholesale Price

Experience the pinnacle of vaping greatness with the Torch THC-A Live Resin Disposable 5G. Carefully selected and expertly crafted by the Torch team, this device offers unparalleled innovation and potency. As a customer of Torch Enterprises, you can expect a top-quality vaping experience with each use. The rich flavors, combined with the entourage effects of live resin infusion, provide a heady high that improves mood and promotes relaxation. With 5000mg of THC-A Live Resin cannabis, this vaporizer brings a pure strength and wonderful flavor to every hit. It also features temperature control and an LED display for full customization. Compact and portable, the Torch THC-A Live Resin Disposable 5G is the perfect on-the-go vaping solution. Discover this cutting-edge device at our online vape shop, available now at a wholesale price from Smokegem Wholesale Online Supplier Store.

Smokegem Wholesale is a trustworthy online wholesaler of Torch THC-A Live Resin Disposable 5G in the United States. You can buy Torch THC-A Live Resin Disposable 5G from our online store, or find a nearby wholesale distributor at Smokegem Wholesale. Our shop is a reliable source for bulk Torch THC-A Live Resin Disposable 5G, so you can rest easy knowing you're getting a quality product.

Torch THC-A Live Rosin Disposable Flavor

Now, let's talk strains: Torch Live Rosin offers 10 excellent strains to enhance your experience. From old favorites to innovative hybrids, there's a strain for everyone's taste. Choose the ideal strain to suit your mood, or try new varieties to find your next favorite.

Cotton Candy Runtz – Indica
forbidden Romulan - Indica
Sativa strains include Grapefruit Durban, Honolulu Haze, Mango Meringue, Raspberry Lemonade, Skywalker OG, and Super Lemon Cookies. 

Torch THCA Live Rosin Disposable Vape 5 Grams

    Cannabinoids: THCA
    Concentrate: Live Rosin | THCa
    Capacity: 5000mg
    Potent Blend

   < 0.3% Delta-9 THC
    NEW Sleek Diamond 2.0 Hardware
    LED Screen Display

   Battery Life

  Pre-heat Function

  USB-C Rechargeable

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