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O.P.M.S.® Gold LIQUID Kratom Extract Shot - 45CT

O.P.M.S.® Gold LIQUID Kratom Extract Shot - 45CT

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The O.P.M.S. Gold LIQUID Kratom Extract Shot is a concentrated product containing extracts from the kratom tree, native to Southeast Asia. For centuries, the leaves of this tropical tree have been used for their stimulant and analgesic properties.

The OPMS Gold Liquid Kratom Extract Shot contains amazing alkaloids derived directly from the Maeng Da kratom plant. The OPMS Kratom team was able to extract more of the active alkaloids from the plant materials utilizing a sophisticated technique involving highly pressured cold water, resulting in a final product with a greater alkaloid concentration.

OPMS Gold Kratom Shots

This potent kratom extract has a high concentration, requiring only a drop or two to be added to your tea or coffee for noticeable effects. Both new and experienced users should use caution when first trying this unique liquid extract, as it differs greatly from other products on the market.

OPMS Liquid kratom shots provide more precise dosing compared to powders or capsules, resulting in potentially lower costs when purchased in bulk. Additionally, the quicker and more efficient absorption of liquid compared to powders may also result in faster effects.

The extraction process contributes to the distinctive characteristics of this product. Maeng Da, a popular strain of kratom nicknamed 'pimp grade', has a wide appeal. Green Maeng Da, a long-standing staple in many countries, has been utilized for as long as kratom has been known.

OPMS Gold Kratom Shot Liquid Extract For Sale

OPMS Gold Liquid Kratom Extract is considered the industry standard for kratom shots. Made from the potent Maeng Da strain, this extract is packed with 95% alkaloid content, providing an ideal choice for those seeking strong and prolonged effects. These convenient shots are perfect for on-the-go consumption and are the top choice among experienced users. With a gradual onset of effects and long-lasting benefits, this extract is ideal for those who want the best of what kratom has to offer.

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