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Mitra9™ Kava 2.0 Seltzers

Mitra9™ Kava 2.0 Seltzers

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Our kava drinks are made with premium kava obtained from the lush, volcanic soils of the Pacific islands, ensuring an authentic experience with each can. Kava is known for its relaxing characteristics and provides a natural method to unwind, making it ideal for people looking for a herbal alternative to stress treatment.
With our distinctive kava seltzers, you may experience the tranquil embrace of the Pacific islands. Each of our kava cocktails contains the best kava, gathered from the islands' nutrient-dense volcanic soils, guaranteeing not only a drink but also a journey to peace. Kava, known for its relaxing properties, provides a peaceful escape from the stresses of the day, making it an excellent, alcohol-free option for relaxation. Whether you need a moment of serenity or a gently unwind, our kava seltzers are your herbal oasis for stress reduction and calm.


  • No caffeine
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan


Traditional kava is a bitter drink made from kava roots. At Mitra9, we want to take the goodness of traditional kava, but make it more enjoyable by removing the bitter flavor and increasing its portability, while keeping the benefits of the drink. We've successfully crafted both kava seltzers and RelaxPaks so you can have great tasting kava anywhere.


Mitra9 sources high-quality kava from various partners in the Pacific islands. We implement rigorous testing and production practices for purity and potency.


Discover the serene tranquility of the Pacific with Mitra9's premium kava, offering you the perfect alcohol-free relaxation experience. Escape the stress of everyday life as this ancient, ceremonial tea infuses your evenings with calmness.


Choose Mitra9 for a seamless experience that marries centuries-old tradition with the convenience of modern online shopping. Enjoy peace of mind with every purchase, knowing that a tranquil oasis of relaxation is just a click away, underscored by the assurance of our solid commitment to your happiness and well-being.


Kava is widely known for its calming, relaxing effects. Kava may also help improve sleep and reduce stress. Although usually bitter, Mitra9 has created four low calorie, delicious flavors of kava seltzers that will help you unwind anytime.

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